Custom Branded Trivia Shows

Custom Branded Trivia Products

M-7 Seven-round Music Trivia (approximately 1-1/2 hours)
Every round is music-related and covers a variety of artists, genres, and eras

G-10 Ten-round General Trivia (approximately 2 to 2-1/4 hours)
Designed to keep participants there “just that little bit longer”

G7 Seven-Round General Trivia (approximately 1-1/2 hours)
By far our most popular trivia show. Same as G10, but without Rounds 8-10

Themed Trivia Shows

We’re also regularly expanding our inventory of “Stock” THEME SHOWS.

  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • Friends
  • The Simpsons
  • The Office
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Christmas & Halloween
  • Eighties & Nineties (& lots more on the way!)


Every week we produce two different types of Trivia shows for Average Joes. Our Trivia shows contain questions that cover a wide variety of themes, music, categories, and even word puzzles – there’s something for everyone. Our shows are designed to be played as a competition…people can play individually or as a team. Depending on your venue, prizes are generally awarded to the “First Place” winner.

Our custom branded trivia shows are offered in a PowerPoint slideshow format that you download to your laptop or tablet. Each week we send you a link to download your show, customized with YOUR branding. You then output the show from your laptop to your venue’s TV screens, or on their in-house projection system.

Each Round has 10 questions, one slide per question, and each slide is timed and runs automatically. After all the questions are presented, the players will hand in their answer sheet (provided) for marking, and then the answers are provided on the next 10 individual slides. After the Final Round there is a Tie-Breaker question which will determine the final winning team/player, should there be a tie.


Our trivia shows have a minimal amount of OUR branding…our shows are all about YOU and YOUR CLIENT! The branding in our shows is CUSTOM DESIGNED with slides that highlight your shows and the bar/pub/restaurant that you’re presenting in.


Our subscription based trivia show pricing is designed to make YOU more PROFIT (it’s not a dirty word)!!! Only $50 per week (maximum $200 per month) to have us produce a HIGH QUALITY trivia show with YOUR branding! You can also add additional venues to your weekly show for a mere $50 per month (per venue). That’s only $12.50 per week to use the same show, and STILL have us customize it with YOUR branding! See the example below to see how profitable it can be for your company‚Ķ

Run our show at ONE VENUE each week for one month at $200 per week = $800
Our cost to you is $200

Run our show at TWO VENUES each week for one month at $200 per week per venue = $1600
Our cost to you is only $250

Run our show at THREE VENUES each week for one month at $200 per week per venue = $2400
Our cost to you is only $300

NOW you can see why Private Label Trivia is quickly becoming THE Pub Trivia Show of choice for DJs & KJs across North America!